Student Engagement Support (SES)

Our Student Engagement Support (SES) Team supports students to achieve academic success, behavioural support as well as mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being.

SES takes a multidisciplinary approach incorporating all of the skills and knowledge from different members of the team who come from diverse professional backgrounds.

The team supports and advocates for students who are identified as being at risk. ‘At risk’ can mean socially, medically, emotionally or academically at risk of not reaching their potential.

The SES team is led by Deputy Principal Stephanie McDonald, the SES Program Coordinator’s Sue Haskett and Liz Bezuidenhout; and also includes: Year Coordinators, AIEO, a Learning and Support Coordinator, Nurse, Psychologist, Chaplain as well as a variety of external support agencies that can add to the support provided by classroom teachers and education support staff.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, attendance or general wellbeing at the Armadale Senior High School please contact the appropriate Year Coordinator for assistance.

Stephanie McDonald              Deputy Principal

Sue Haskett                            SES Program Coordinator

Liz Bezuidenhout                  SES Program Coordinator

Shanthi Christopher               Year 7 & 8 Coordinator

Edriss Sarvari                          Year 9 & 10 Coordinator

Deneka Pilmoor                      Year 11 & 12 Coordinator

Michael Byrnes Teacher SES

Eva Wright                              School Psychologist

Barbara Hutchinson                AIEO

                          School Chaplain

Kirsten Ferguson                    Nurse

Janice Hendry                        Nurse