The Arts & IT

Armadale Senior High School – The Arts & Information Technology

Armadale Senior High School offers a wide range of Arts and Information Technology (IT) subjects for students in Year 7 – 12 to engage in. Studying The Arts and IT enables students to draw from a wide range of knowledge and skills to develop their creativity to explore and challenge their own ideas to create original works through Visual Arts, Performing Arts & IT.  With high expectations of all students, our school will develop your child through learning that is reflective, innovative, engaging and relevant to the real world that will help them succeed in their future careers. A wide range of nationally recognised vocational education and training programs are on offer to ensure that students gain core skills for work.

Armadale Senior High School provides strong educational programs in Specialist Visual Arts, Specialist IT, Music, Dance, Drama, Graphic Design, Media & Photography, Visual Arts and Computing & Robotics.

For more information on Specialist Visual Arts, Specialist IT and Music please go to the Program and Pathways section.