Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Vision Statement

Armadale Senior High School has a passionate staff who are committed to providing a high standard of education to the young people of our community.

This Business Plan articulates our agreed Moral Purpose, Focus Areas, Priorities, Strategies and Improvement Targets.

The school community has worked collaboratively to develop the strategic direction Armadale Senior High School will take for the future.

Every decision made in our planning relates directly to improving student outcomes. These decisions respond to community needs and the emotional, academic and social development of the students.


Together: We Aspire | We Strive | We Achieve

Our values influence our behaviour and give purpose to our daily work and lives. We aim to fulfil the academic potential of our students, ensuring high performance and do so in an environment of high care and concern based on core values.


Staff at Armadale Senior High School are committed to excellence in TEACHING and LEARNING. They are ACCOUNTABLE for and MOTIVATED to IMPROVE OUTCOMES for all students.