We want to make sure all children get the best education possible which is why attending school every day is so important.

Western Australian law stipulates that all school-aged children must go to and attend school every day and attendance  is taken at every lesson in secondary schools.

When a student’s attendance falls below 90%, the school principal is required to investigate the matter and develop a plan (in consultation with the family) to address and restore regular attendance.

Developing the habit of going to school every day is vital so children do not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning.

Did you know:

  • missing half a day of school each week equates to one month of missed learning each year
  • the attendance habits set by children when they first start school continue throughout their school life
  • if children miss half a day of school each week between Pre-primary and Year 10, they would miss almost one full year of learning
  • learning is cumulative – if children miss a day, it is harder for them to catch up.

You can help by ensuring your children attend school on time; making sure they get nutritious meals and enough sleep; and making appointments with doctors, dentists and specialists, and making holiday plans during school holidays and not during the school term.

Absence and lateness

If your child is absent from school, please inform us as soon as possible, prior to the absence.

Parent/caregivers must notify us:

  1. The student name and year group
  2. The date of absence (or lateness)
  3. The reason for the absence (or lateness)


Students are expected to attend school on all timetabled days including carnivals and excursion days. Students are required to be punctual to school including every class. Form begins at 8:45am and the last class finishes at 2:50pm

Students absent for three or more consecutive days are required to supply a Doctors Certificate. Students who miss days for illness may be provided with work to keep up to date.

Students needing to leave during the day

Parent/caregivers are discouraged from making appointments during school hours. Where necessary parent/caregivers are required to send a note with the student or call the school on 9497 6400 as soon as possible stating permission to leave, outlining the reason and the time the student needs to leave.

Students will then need to:

– With note: Show the note to the class teacher to leave class and attend SES
– Phone call: (prior to school starting) – collect a note from SES
– Phone call: (after school starts) – a note will be delivered to student in class

– Report to student to SES to sign out

– Wait in the Student entry of Admin to be collected / leave via front office

Parents collecting students are to report to the School’s Administration building to collect their child.

Illness or injury at school

If your child falls ill or is injured whilst at school, a member of the SES team will contact the Parent/ Guardian listed on our records to collect their child. Students are not to text or call parent/caregivers or leave the school premises without the School’s permission. Students will be signed out of SES when collected.