Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program

The Armadale SHS Visual Art Specialist Program offers students a unique opportunity to study and explore their passion and love of the visual arts. This program allows lower school students to meet with their art teacher four times a week, giving them an in-depth experience. In this course students will develop advanced Visual Arts knowledge and skills that will prepare them for senior school, employment, TAFE and/or University entry.

Visual Arts Specialist Program Details

The program runs from Year 7 to Year 10. Throughout this course, students will learn a range of art skills and techniques, and have the opportunity to demonstrate these in unique and imaginative ways; such as painting skateboard decks, creating Papier Mache models, designing their own characters and comic books and learn the new ways of digital art. For students to be engaged and inspired, they will experience guest speakers from Perth based artists of different streams including cartoon and animation to tattoo artists and university students studying in the creative industry.  Excursions to museums, art galleries and the zoo are also offered to enrich the learning experience and take inspiration from everything that is visual. During this course, students will gain accreditations towards a nationally recognised Vocational qualification in Art that they can continue in their upper school years.

Students will study the same amount of English, Mathematics, Science and Society & Environment classes as regular students but will also study four sessions of Art per week all year as a way to develop fundamental to high quality skills which will increase the opportunities for students to pursue a career in the creative field.

Success of the Program

2019 – Won the Local Artist Award for Outside the Frame

Painted mural at Byford Country Club

Painted community piano located on Jull Street

Participated in Armadale Arts Bush Trail

Further information

For further information regarding the Specialist Visual Arts Program please contact Cheryl Rose on 9497 6400

How do I apply?

Complete the Application form and send it to Armadale Senior High School via email or post.

Download brochure and Application