Aspire – Academic Extension Program

Our ‘Aspire’ Academic Extension Program is designed to accelerate the curriculum to meet the academic needs of high achieving students. These includes the need to learn academic content more quickly, develop bigger picture ideas in their learning and be challenged at a higher conceptual level than their peers. Students’ progress is monitored, assessed, and reported on by their teachers on a regular basis.

The Academic Extension Program will cater for extension in the MESH areas: Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences.

As this program is designed with the idea to challenge and accelerate the students, it is imperative that both the student and parent understand that:

  • The importance of being an independent and organised learner.
  • Please questions when in doubt either via email, Connect messaging or during class time.
  • It is not about marks, but understanding learning and practicing the skills in each subject area to help them be successful in the later years of education.
  • It is a big milestone change from the primary school and most students will take at least a term to settle in to high school.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged.

The purpose of the Armadale SHS Academic Extension Program is to further develop the skills of students by providing an environment in which like-minded, high achieving students extend their learning across all learning areas. The Academic Extension Program provides challenges where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

Further information

For further information regarding the Academic Extension Program please contact the program coordinator – Shanthi Christopher on 9497 6400.

How do I apply?

Complete the Application Form and send it to Armadale Senior High School via email or post.