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Information and Communication Techology        Specialist Program

Discover your child’s true potential through the Approved Information, Communication and Technology Specialist Program at Armadale SHS. The program is one of only four Specialist ICT Specialist Programs available in the state. The program is themed around Technology Start-Up business development and entrepreneurship. Students learn real world IT skills in exciting cutting edge contexts.

In this program students develop advanced Information Technology knowledge and skills that will prepare them for 21st Century employment and life success as well as giving them strong pathways to senior school, employment, TAFE and/or University entry. Each student is carefully managed and nurtured in their learning journey as together we aim for higher than state average grade results and success.

Program Details

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This Program is for Year 7 - 10 students.

• Students will gain a Certificate I in Information Technology which is a nationally recognised qualification.
• Students will also have the opportunity to complete the CISCO ICT Essentials course which is an internationally recognised qualification.
• Access to links with Just Start IT and Industry Trainers
• Follow your child’s progress on their class learning page.

Entry Requirements

To be accepted into the program you need :
• A keen interest in the Information Technology
• A good work ethic and behaviour
• To pass a skill test and interview


To maintain the integrity of the program students must consistently demonstrate a satisfactory work ethic and satisfactory behaviour. Students who are unable to demonstrate these will be integrated back into regular classes.

How do I apply?

Apply Online or Contact the School

169 South West Highway Armadale WA 6112 | Phone: 9497 6400 | Facsimile: 9497 2957 |