Staff Contacts

Executive Team
Shane Easton Principal
Cheryl Rose Deputy Principal Years 7, 8, 9
Steven Wolfenden Deputy Principal Years 10, 11 & 12
Daniel Joyce  Manager Corporate Services
Student Engagement & Support
Sue Haskett SES Program Coordinator - Years 9, 11 & 12
Michael Byrnes Teacher - Student Engagement & Support
Natalie Grinceri Teacher - Student Engagement & Support
Nathalie Driver Teacher - Student Engagement & Support
Monica Mendes Chaplain
Barbara Hutchinson AIEO (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer)
Kirsten Fergusson Nurse
Kylie Clements Triage Officer
Jodie Spargo Student Support/Absentee Officer
Eva Wright School Psychologist
Rose Dib-Milston Youth Engagement & Support Worker
Renee Rawlinson Student Attendance & Support Officer
Robyn Carroll Head of Learning Area
Rebecca Ananga English Teacher
Jessica Clayden English Teacher
Stevie Moore English Teacher
Dimitri Shiolou English Teacher
Aleksander Zdravkovic English Teacher
Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
Matthew Finnis Head of Learning Area
Deanne Britton HASS Teacher
Michael Bond HASS Teacher
Mike Reid HASS Teacher
Anthony Stafford HASS Teacher
Grant Coleman HASS Teacher
Simon Lee Head of Learning Area
Merline Ernest Maths Teacher
Param Kaur Maths Teacher
Adele Lim Maths Teacher
John Mirosevich Maths Teacher
Ben Vale Maths Teacher
Health & Physical Education
Matthew Bottomley Head of Learning Area
Amy Aplin Physical Education Teacher
Alanna Burgess Physical Education Teacher
Ryan Davies Physical Education Teacher
Julie Duncan Physical Education Teacher
Cameron Speight Physical Education Teacher
Lauren Warschauer Physical Education Teacher
Arts / IT


Cheryl Rose Head of Learning Area
Riley Ashton Arts / IT Teacher
James Atkins Arts / IT Teacher
Ellen Brown Arts / IT Teacher
Simon Montgomery Arts / IT Teacher
Edriss Sarvari Arts / IT Teacher
Kirsten Thomson Arts / IT Teacher
Jacob White Arts / IT Teacher
Technology & Enterprise
Adam Pusey Head of Learning Area
Mark Evans Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Ranvir Singh Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Cory Tickner Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Michelle Burke Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Elaine Trew Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Carol Rainoldi Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Felicia Fong Technologies & Enterprise Teacher
Michelle Tilly Home Economics Teacher
Megan Wade Home Economics Teacher
Hayley Meldrum Home Economics Teacher
Learning Hub
Rebecca Nicholson Program Coordinator - Target Teaching
Nathalie Driver Learning Support Coordinator
Kirk Allnutt Science Teacher
Shanthi Christopher Science Teacher
Rachael Flynn Science Teacher
Susanne Stem Science Teacher
Deneka Pilmoor Science Teacher
Thanusha Vandayar Science Teacher
Christine Humphreys Science Teacher
Diane Stewart Science Teacher